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How do you create a professional WordPress website without any hassle? 6 simple steps!

Having a website of my own has always been a dream for me, which finally came true with this website. In fact most of the aspiring entrepreneurs dream of building a business around their website. I still remember when I was 23 years old. I dreamt of making a website like Big Basket. That was a fresh idea then, Big Basket had not entered the market. I kept dreaming but didn’t take any action. I was too naïve to believe that this is only the tech guys job and a person like me who has not studied computer science can do nothing. 



This idea was floating in somebody else’s mind too which came to life in the form of Big basket! So moral of the story is that your every Idea has life, you just need to believe in It. Now making websites has become more easy than ever in the recent years. You don’t need to rely on some tech guy to do every thing for you. Good news is you are sufficient enough to make and design your website from scratch. Today in this blog I am going to share a mind map to answer How will you create a professional WordPress website.




To create a Professional WordPress website there are certain things you need to have :

  1. A domain
  2. A hosting
  3. A SSL Certificate

Lets discuss first, what is a Domain ?


In very simple words, you can refer domain to the identity of your business that is your business name. The name with which people reach you online is your domain name. This domain name is not available free of cost. You need to purchase It and the best website to purchase domain name is

Now lets discuss the 2nd topic What is a web hosting ?


Hosting is a place on web that is used to accommodate your website and you need to pay for that accommodation till the time you are using that space on web. This service is made available to you by various Web Hosting companies, some of which are :


  1. WPX Hosting
  2. A2 Hosting
  3. Hostinger
  4. Namecheap
  5. Blue Host

You can choose any of these, but the best among this is WPX Hosting and If you are just starting out you can choose


Now comes the role of SSL Certificate, SSL certificate is a digital certificate which authenticates a websites identity and provides an encrypted connection. It which comes free of cost with the hosting plan most of the time, but its also not free most of the time. That brings me to the very important section of the article and that is the factors you need to take into consideration while buying a hosting plan.


  1. No. of websites
  2. SSL Certificate
  3. Storage
  4. Subdomains
  5. Databases
  6. Support
  7. Backups
  8. No. of Email Accounts

When These three are into place, You will belong to one of these categories :


1.If you buy Domain & Hosting from same place, then you will have

  1. Single Account with Domain & Hosting Company
  2. Access to C-panel from your Hosting Company say

In this case you can directly install WordPress from C-panel of your hosting account as your domain & hosting are already connected


If you buy Domain & Hosting from different place, then you will have

  1. An Account with Domain Company say
  2. An Account in Hosting Company say
  3. Access to C-panel from your Hosting Company say

In this case Name servers will be provided to you by the Host Company, you need to copy these name servers and update them in your Domain Company Account and then install WordPress from C-Panel

So basically, wherever you have purchased domain from, you will have to find the option which allows you to update the DNS / Name servers from your Host Account to the Domain company account so that they both can be connected.


Now that you have installed WordPress, you need to update some Important settings! Lets have a look at them :

  1. Settings > General
    1. Site Name 
    2. Site Title
    3. Time zone etc

  1. Settings > Reading
    1. Home Page
      1. Blog: Latest Post
      2. Website: Static Page

  1. Settings > Discussion
    1. Comment Settings

  1. Settings > Permalink
    1. Post Name

  1. When website is under construction (optional)
    1. You can use Maintenance Plugins

After Doing all the settings, Its now time to update or install themes. Themes have a major role to play in how your website looks and feels hence you need to take the best decision in applying theme according to the content of your website.

To Install Themes you need to go to appearance and select themes. There you get options to select and to search and install from hundreds of themes. which ever suits your taste, you can choose It. The best one’s are Astra, WP ocean, Divi and there are lot more that you can try.


Now lets talk about Plugins

Plugins add more functionality to your website. To Install Plugins you have to go to Plugins click Add New. Here you have two options :

1.Using the Search option in WordPress

2. Or by uploading Zip File


After Installing and Activating Plugins most of your work is done. This is It in this Blog Post, If you found it insightful, do reply with a comment and subscribe. In my next blog post I will write about how you can edit a WordPress website really quick.

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