How to learn digital marketing without spending money? 5 best platforms!

Digital marketing skill is a must have skill in 2021, and a large fraction of people search for the term learn digital marketing without spending money every day. This is  because of  the growing Internet users & growing online businesses, but because of being so much in demand, If you want to learn this skill, you will end up paying a lot of money in the market. 


Not everybody can afford the high fees of learning a skill, but does that mean that we have to compromise with our dreams and there is no way of learning the skill without investing large amount of money?

Absolutely not! In this article I am going to tell you about the few places where you can learn digital marketing without spending money and I will also discuss about the best way of learning digital marketing. Before we get to the main topic, let’s first explore the 2 questions.


1. What is digital marketing?


Digital marketing is all about marketing your products and services with the help of digital mediums and channels and generating sales. This Includes, Google Ads, Analytics, Search & console, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, PPC, Lead generation, Social Media Marketing and a lot of things.


2. Why do you need to learn digital marketing?


The world is going digital, and since the pandemic and the lockdown has happened, we have seen a transformation in the working style of the people as well as companies. Digital marketing furnishes you with the skills to work from anywhere in the world, the only requirement is a laptop and an internet connection.  

The skill of digital marketing is one of the most in demand skills in the entire world. It’s a necessity for Online business, as well as it is important for the offline businesses as well as it helps in creating brand awareness, increasing reach and so much more with a limited budget.

This brings us to the next question and that is how will you learn the skill if you don’t have any saving.

We have to understand that we live in an information age and there is so much knowledge around us to consume that If we have the will, we can just go ahead and learn each and everything from the internet but what we lack is the will to learn on our own and that’s why we seek a course and someone to teach us and guide us. 

Also with so much information, come a lot of confusions as well. we get confused in  what is best and what is authentic that we should follow.

Hence in this blog you will get to learn the ways and platforms from which you can learn digital marketing for free without spending any money.


Your journey of learning digital marketing will become more successful when you will know what all you need to learn. So let’s go ahead and check it with a quick diagram.


In this diagram you can see what all you have to learn inside digital marketing before becoming a specialist in one field. It includes website creation, Content creation, PPC, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and so much more. 

Now that you know, there are few choices before you, either type these categories on google and learn it from there or use YouTube to learn the same. Though it is a nice option to do, but you will still be faced with the same dilemma of too much content in which when you enter you find yourself lost.  

However In this article I will mention some YouTube channels and Blogs which will make your life easy.

Now lets discuss the platforms from where you can learn digital marketing course for free without spending money.


1. Google Digital Garage: If you have heard the name before then it’s well and good but if you have not then o head and make an account in Google Digital Garage . This is a free learning platform offered by Google where you can learn several in demand skills free of cost. 


From here you can learn digital marketing without spending money and once you complete the course, you will also get a certificate of completion by Google.


2. Digitaldeepak.com : Digital Deepak is a very renowned name in the field of Digital Marketing in India. He has many free courses about digital marketing, which will help you in creating a base in the field of digital marketing. You can take this course by signing up with email Id in his website 


3. Digital Deepak Internship Program : This is a great opportunity to learn digital marketing with all most no money.  This internship program is designed in such a way that you need to take action and learn by doing practical’s in the real world. For every successful completion of your assignment, they  give you the refund of  the amount taken from you. which makes this internship almost free. 


Although you have to pay some amount in the beginning of the Internship but you get all the money back as a refund after completing the assignments, which is an amazing feature of this internship and makes this course almost free of cost.


4. SEMRUSH Academy : SEMRUSH Academy is one of the best place to learn digital Marketing for free. Check out their website and enroll free of cost for learning digital marketing.


5. Skill shop by Google : With Skill Shop you can master google products that are used in digital marketing free of cost. Sign Up today.


 There are few blogs and YouTube channels as well where you can learn digital marketing.


  • Website Learners : You can follow this YouTube channel
  • WsCube Tech : If you want to learn in Hindi, you should checkout this YouTube channel.
  • Digitaldeepak.com : It is one of the best blog that you can follow to learn digital marketing and to solve any queries related to it.

In conclusion I would like to say that digital marketing is a very dynamic field which keeps on changing however the concepts of marketing always remain the same. If you have to learn digital marketing without spending money, you have to combine the concepts of marketing with the digital channels and apply it in real life.

There is no better way to learn something than to actually doing it yourself. Don’t fear of making mistakes because you are bound to make mistakes and that’s how you’ll learn and grow from your experience and that’s how you can create a fruitful workspace for yourself.

since we live in a an information age, take as much advantage of it as you can. Exploit Google and YouTube with your questions and I’ll see you guys in the next post. If you like this article, don’t forget share your thoughts in the comments.

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